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This is a sample entry, posted to show you some of the features of FlatPress.

The more tag allows you to create a “jump” between an excerpt and the complete article.


The default way to style and format your content is BBcode (bulletin board code). BBCode is an easy way to style your posts. Most common codes are allowed. Like [b] for bold (html: strong), [i] for italics (html: em), etc.

There are also quote blocks to display your favourite quotations.

And 'code' displays your snippets in a monospaced fashion.
It also supports
   indented content.

img and url tag have also special options. You can find out more on the FP wiki.

Entries (posts) and Static pages

This is an entry, while About is a static page. A static page is an entry (a post) which cannot be commented, and which does not appear together with the normal posts of the blog.

Static pages are useful to create general information pages. You can also make one of these pages the opening page for your visitors. This means that with FlatPress you could also run a complete non-blog site. The option to make a static page your start page is in the option panel of the admin area.


FlatPress is very customizable, and supports plugins to extend its power. BBCode is a plugin itself.

We have created some more sample content, to show you some of the FP well hidden functions and gems :)
You can find two static pages ready to accept your contents:

  • About me
  • Menu (notice that the links in this page will appear on your sidebar as well - this is the magic of the blockparser widget. See the FAQ for this and more!)


There isn’t a single fixed element in the sidebar(s). All the elements you can find in the bars sourrounding this text are completely positionable, and most of them are customizable as well. Some themes even provide a panel interface in the admin area.

These elements are called widgets. For more on widgets and some tips to get nice effects, take a look at the wiki.

See more

Want to see more?

How can I help?

  • Contact us to report bugs or suggest improvements.
  • Contribute to the development of Flatpress on GitHub.
  • Translate FlatPress or the documentation into your language.
  • Share your knowledge and get connected with other FlatPress users on the forum.
  • Spread the word! :)

And what now?

Now you can Login to get to the Control Panel and start posting!

Have fun! :)

The FlatPress Team

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