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Valuable skills you can learn online

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Create your own content

Start writing your own content or edit the current to fit your needs. To create, edit or remove content you need to login to the admin panel with the username `admin` and the password you set in the installation process.

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Andy is fast and simple Bludit theme

Andy is fast, lightweight and responsive Bludit theme ready for your next project. Andy theme is performance focused, top-tier speed. We give you a head start with search engines before you even add content. This theme runs in 3.12.0 version of Bludit.

Speed is one of the most important aspects of your website. Thanks to our tiny footprint less than 35 kb and clean code, we are sure you start off as fast as possible.

How can install Andy theme in 5 simple steps?

Step 1. Download theme from Bludit theme repository

Step 2. Extract the zip file in your computer

Step 3. Upload the Andy folder in /bl-themes

Step 4. Login to your admin panel ( and go to the themes tab.

Step 5. Activate Andy and enjoy theme